We offer safe, quality utility helicopter work at a competitive price

We do projects such as Construction, Power Line, Seismic, Wildfire, Seeding, and wild land fire reclamation. A significant advantage associated with our aircraft lifting capability is that a load may be picked up from or delivered to locations where access by other forms of transportation is difficult or impossible. Additionally, the systems do not require the helicopter to land in order, deliver or pick up the cargo. Our external load captains have large amounts of experience in precision construction work, such as: placing air conditioners, setting poles, pulling sock line, hanging microwave dishes on towers, salvaging aircraft and other vehicles in mountainous terrain, etc.

Powerline & Pipeline Patrol

The most efficient, thorough and cost effective way to inspect structures, insulators, conductors, right of ways, etc, is by helicopter.  Nothing can compare to the comprehensive and speedy data that results from an aerial helicopter survey.  At Classic we pride ourselves for our ability to help restore lost services or just perform routine maintenance.

Disaster relief & wildlife surveys

Because of our high availability and readiness status we were asked to participate in the recovery of the Columbia Space Shuttle wreckage and to provide aid in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. We also provide an aerial platform for the US Department of Wild Life Resources (DWR) to count and classify animals, such as, elk, moose, deer, big horn sheep, antelope, birds and others.  We are also involved with the capture of antelope, bison and horses.

Department of Defense

Having earned the trust of the certain government agencies, the DOD relies on the Classic team for much of their Cruise Missile recoveries on the Utah test range. The Genesis and Stardust projects (the catching and retrieving of spheres which collected particles in outer space), are part of our resume.  The University of Utah and the University of Tokyo wanted to ensure their multimillion-dollar solar radiation study project would come in on budget and on time.  Therefore, they hired Classic Helicopters to co-ordinate the set up and maintenance of the world’s second largest solar ray collection, spanning thousands of acres.


Classic Helicopters provides search and rescue from the moment we receive the call. Our aircraft are outfitted with state of the art equipment to safely respond to every conceivable emergency within a 250-statue mile radius of our home base in Woods Cross, Utah.  Because of the challenging lifesaving work we’ve done over so many years, we are highly respected by government agencies, such as NPS, USFS, and local law enforcement.

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