Providing helicopter fire fighting services since 1982

Classic Helicopters has working experience in almost every state of the Union, but has been at the forefront of aerial fire suppression in the Intermountain region, particularly in support of the forest industry. Our company is known for its impeccable track record with the US Government


A wide variety of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are used for aerial firefighting. Classic Helicopters utilizes Eurocopter AS 350 B 2 and B 3 series helicopters, as well as Bell 407 and 206 series aircraft for these types of missions.  Each of our aircraft are certified and approved by the US Department of Agriculture / US Forest Service and the US Department of Interior for every type of fire fighting operation practiced in the United States.  Some of these include: bucket drops, rappelling, cargo hauling, aerial ignition, crew transport, low-level mountain operations, etc.

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