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About Us

Classic Helicopters is the premier helicopter operator in the Inter Mountain West.  We have earned a reputation of being highly competent, reliable, available, and on time.  We are well versed in all facets of helicopter operations, from construction to filming, seismic, wild land fire suppression, heli-skiing and more.   Our pilots and crews are some of the most experienced in the industry.  The knowledge, skill and pre-planning they bring to each mission ensures safe operations, while completing the job in the least amount time.

We are able to provide the broadest range of services to our clients. Go to see past photos of load lifting, movie filming, and heli-skiing. To discuss your project in detail feel to contact us.  It is our mission to innovatively and safely complete your job in least amount of time and at the lowest cost possible. Classic Helicopters Limited, L.C. offers the finest private jet charter service for any occasion. Business jet charters are available to see that you arrive at your destination on time and comfortably. Call us today to schedule your next flight.

Helicopter Brands We Fly


We have had extensive involvement with all aspects of commercial filming, aerial photography and feature filmmaking.


Professional aerial fire suppression in the Intermountain region, particularly in support of the forest industry.


Heli-skiing off-trail that is accessed by helicopter only. We provide the most demanding, high production mountain flying in the industry.


Our general helicopter services include power line construction, disaster relief, wildlife survey, executive charter, and search & rescue.

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